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Vegan 'Vegemite' by Billabong Retreats

Vegan 'Vegemite' by Billabong Retreats

Billabong Mighty Spread by Simon Favorito: Executive Chef & Head of Wholefood Education. Enjoy!

We loved this recipe so much that we have reproduced it. Whether you are gluten free /  vegan or not, this is an excellent, healthy alternative to vegemite from the divine Billabong Retreats.

If there’s one food that most Australians hold close to their hearts, it’s Vegemite. The savoury spread represents a metaphorical black and gold of Australian culture being enjoyed by countless Australians since it’s introduction to our shelves in 1923. Throughout Vegemite’s life it has woven its way into the cultural identity of many as a trusty accompaniment to spread across a slice of hot toast. 

As a Wholefood chef and advocate, I’m always looking to upgrade my daily food rituals to include the greatest, life-enhancing foods that are as high in taste and flavour as they are in nutrition and nourishment. So when it came to creating a wholefood substitute to this national icon, I had to make sure it was full of the same iconic savoury taste, the smooth texture that glides across your sourdough and palette while being black as night and filled with nutritional greatness!


375g jar x organic black tahini

½ cup x organic tamari

3 tb x nutritional yeast flakes

½ cup x warm water

1 tb x rice syrup or ¼ tb x maple syrup


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl or food processor until completely smooth.


Simply spread over your favourite toast, crackers or sandwich and embrace the savoury goodness.


Store in an airtight jar or container in the fridge for up to 3 months. If it lasts that long!

Billabong Retreats are a health and yoga retreat and you can find them on or go direct to the Billabong Retreats website. meditation and yoga retreat just 45 minutes from Sydney.

Billabong Retreat is Eco Certified - Nature Tourism which means the company leaves minimal impact on the environment. Billabong Retreat is famous for its delicious gourmet food that is seasonal, local and organic. 

Images: Billabong Retreats
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