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Every action, no matter how small,
has a far-reaching impact.

Every step is an action and every action is a step.

Everything we do, every step we take, even the tiniest, leaves a footprint. From the bed we climb out of in the morning, the coffee we drink, the clothes we put on, the way we get to work and school, buy lunch, go shopping and party. Every little step we take leaves a print. Let's make our steps count! 

669,834 steps to date : toward a better ekko world

We are counting for you! Every eco step. Every time someone clicks on a post, reads an article or buys from an eco trader, a step is taken toward a better ekko world. You can add as many steps as you want by reading articles here, checking out eco traders, searching local & recyclers, joining up, giving reviews, adding your opinion & asking questions. Join us, make your steps count and together we can build a better ekko world.

22,823 eco traders & recycling locations

Since we began, has welcomed 22,823 Traders & Recycling Locations, committed to sustainable products and services. We know there are at least another 100,000 traders, recyclers & locals who should be here. Will you help us find them so they can join our shared community?

11,293 eco options so far : to make eco easy

There are thousands of eco options and that's why being just a little more eco is easy - as well as healthier, less expensive and happier. Here on, we encourage you to just try. One thing, something. Anything that might make your life, your children's life and the planet healthier.  

We are helping you by sharing eco tips, news, finding & listing every eco and local trader and recycler we can find, to offer you a better way to live. And we are counting our progress along with you, on the home page under OUR IMPACT.

If you can think of anything else that will help you or us to be better, please send us a note.

So we're here to make things easy. To help all Australians make everyday choices that can grow into something big... Growing BIGGER...And spreading further...