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Easiest Tomato Passata

Easiest Tomato Passata

This is the world's simplest, most versatile and yummiest passata you will ever make. There is a pic of it in another post about Freezing Food in Glass Jars.

As you can see from that pic, I used to buy Coles Organic Tomato Puree, but when they stopped making it, I started making my own. Now I simply use the old jars for each round of passata.

I originally got this recipe from Magic Meadow Produce who makes kilos of the stuff at the end of each season. And that is the key to good passata. If you can, make it when the fruit is right at the end of the season and super ripe. If you buy your tomatoes from a market or a grocer, tell them you are making passata and ask them for their oldest tomatoes. Roma tomatoes are best. 

PREP: 20 minutes  |  COOKING: 4 hours  |  SERVES: 6 Jars


5 kg of ripe Roma tomatoes

5 bulbs of organic garlic

5 red peppers

Olive Oil


1. Cut the tomatoes in half

2. Place on oven trays. You will have to pack them in.

3. Cut the peppers in half and de-seed. Add one to each tray.

4. Place the garlic whole on each tray.

5. Drizzle with olive oil.

6. Set the fan forced oven to 130 degrees celsius and slow cook for 4 hours.

7. Take trays from oven, cut garlic bulbs in half and squeeze out middles.

8. Blend everything together in a high speed blender until smooth.

9. Freeze and use as you need it. 

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Tomatoes lose flavour in the refrigerator.

And here's why - according to a study lead by Uni of Florida researchers in late 2016,  chilling tomatoes at temperatures below 12 degrees celsius hampers enzymes that help synthesize flavor-imparting volatile compounds, resulting in relatively fresh but insipid fruits.