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How to Recycle Pet Accessories

How to Recycle Pet Accessories

Most pet clothing, bedding and toys in good condition can be recycled via your local pet shelter or op shop

If you find yourself with excess puppy gear or accessories you can't use, there are plenty of other pets around that could still get good use out of your old or no longer needed items. Your pet's toys, bedding and accessories that are in good condition (and clean) can be recycled in a couple of ways.

Animal shelters are often in need of quality bedding, toys and accessories for animals in their care while seeking a new home. You can easily drop items off to various shelters near you, knowing that a pet in need will be benefiting from your donation.

Alternatively, ask around friends and neighbours for anyone who owns a pet and would like your items and make another pooch or feline's day. 


The RSPCA receives more than 130,000 animals every year, and must find ways to provide bedding and toys for all these animals. Each animal in the shelter has to have its own bed and bedding to sleep on, so there is quite a demand for these items. By donating bedding and toys to animal shelters, you are allowing your goods to make another dog happy, and avoiding the items being placed in landfill. 

Related Notes

Fast fashion is as much a problem in pet clothing and accessories as it is in humans. Buy natural, upcycled and organic toys and bedding where possible, as it is better for your pet and the environment. Many common commercial accessories use synthetic materials which release chemicals into your pet and into the soil in landfill or simply don't readily decompose.

Images: Shutterstock / Unsplash - Samia Liamani & Willian Justen de Vasconcellos
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