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Freshen your Dog’s Bed in Seconds (even if he won't move)

Freshen your Dog’s Bed in Seconds (even if he won't move)

This recipe will help with the process of removing odours, and also help to prevent his bed from becoming a hotbed for bacteria

What you will need:

Spray Bottle

1 cup of White Vinegar

10-15 drops of your favourite Essential Oil

2 cups of water

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle, lightly mist the cleaning solution across Fido’s bed and set the damp bed outdoors to dry thoroughly in the sunshine.

If the dog’s bed hasn’t been washed in a while, remove dog bed covers and wash them using a cup of vinegar and hot water for a thorough cleaning. Be sure to remember to spritz the mixture on your couch if your dog enjoys spending time there as well.

The oil you use is your choice, but you might want to make sure that your dog doesn't hate it before spraying it all over his bed. Buy pure oils from reputable traders.

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Science Notes

Vinegar has powerful antibacterial properties that will help to ensure your dog’s bed is a sanitary space for your pup to rest. Vinegar is also effective at removing odours, which is typically a much-needed thing when dealing with your dog’s bed. 

If your dog has sensitive skin, don't add the essential oil. Vinegar alone will work sufficiently to clean and deodorize between washing of the bed itself. The essential oil is more for your sensibility!

If you do want to be sure of killing bacteria, make sure you wash in hot water - greater than 60 degrees.

Related Tip

Bear in mind that your dog's travels are what he takes to his bed.

And most dogs cover a variety of smells, squirts and sniffs in a day. Just saying.