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Every Body Operation is Unique

Every Body Operation is Unique

Operating Your Body Optimally May Require a Change of Lifestyle

Because your body is unique to you, it will look, feel and function in ways that are specific to you; a change of lifestyle may be needed to reach maximum potential. Each person’s needs will vary according to his or her age, personality and situation. Similarly, each individual may assign a different level of importance to look, feel and function.

Just as there are multiple body types and different perceptions of how a body should look, there are also numerous exercise formats and programs with no single solution that will quickly and easily rid people of fat—the most common request heard by personal trainers. Exercise programs will have different effects on individuals depending on their other lifestyle factors. Even the format—intensity, frequency and duration—will affect each body in a unique way. One person’s ideal exercise program may leave others exhausted or injured while not even challenging some individuals.

Finding a program that works may take time and you may have to review other aspects of your lifestyle: diet, habits, supplements, age, sleep patterns, genetics, medical history and previous training experience. Alteration of one or more elements may be needed to optimise any transformation. Each person’s body is continually changing in response to life, therefore individual training programs need to be tailored to accommodate these changes. Listening to your body will help you make informed decisions.

The level of fitness each person aspires to is also personal to each individual and being proficient in any particular activity doesn’t guarantee a similar ability in all activities. However, making changes to your body will definitely impact your lifestyle.

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