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3 mastery tips to radiate natural beauty

3 mastery tips to radiate natural beauty

I honestly believe that makeup that enhances health and helps the planet and lets inner beauty shine

I am Emma Peters, the founder of Aleph Beauty. I started Aleph Beauty after spending 20-years as a professional makeup artist. Over time, I became increasingly aware that the products I was wearing, and using on clients, contained potentially health-damaging ingredients. 

I want to share with you how I set out to create a highly curated makeup range that ticked all the boxes of a conscious lifestyle - sustainable, cruelty-free, high-performance beauty. My key criteria was that it had to be quick and easy to use and that it empowered the creativity and confidence of the person wearing it.

I also believe that people, planet and animals are the filters through which all business decisions are made, with the promise to do no harm and that is the basis on which I established Aleph. With the belief that no one should have to compromise their values when choosing skincare and makeup products. 

1. Products that contribute to long-term skin health

Out of all the products in your makeup kit, foundation is worn the most and covers the greatest surface area. Foundation is worn almost every day, all day, over an entire lifetime. Not to mention, the skin is literally our largest organ, which makes products that nourish and protect super important for long-term skin health. 

It is for this reason that our Concealer/Foundation is nutrient-packed and combines a host of powerful, active ingredients that protect against environmental toxins, regenerate cellular energy and increase collagen production.

2. The perfect colour for your complexion

The key to mastering makeup colours lies in getting to know your own natural colouring. It’s often a good idea to work with your natural lip, skin and eyebrow shades to find colours that blend well. 

I designed Aleph Beauty’s Cheek and Lip Tints to sit in a sweet spot that suits all complexions, allowing you to perfectly match your natural flush to a colour that complements your natural beauty. Use on the cheeks, lips and even the eyes and it's the simplest trick to an everyday, natural makeup look.

Eye colour, on the other hand, is definitely something you want to amp up and draw out. The simplest way to do this is through contrast – choosing colours that are opposite your eye on the colour wheel. From a deep, flushing berry to a sunrise-inspired shade of coral, there’s a colour to help any eye stand out.

3. Less is more

Aside from creating a natural product that looked great while keeping the skin healthy, I was keen to make Aleph Beauty as versatile as possible. Makeup kits overloaded with confusing, unnecessary products make everyday makeup application seem overwhelming and time-consuming. The truth is that all you really need is a small selection of products or colours to come up with simple, creative ways to enhance natural beauty. 

My multi-functional design for Aleph means that you can own less and waste less whilst having the ability to create endless possibilities. All you need is Concealer/Foundation, Cheek/Lip Tint, Serum/Primer and Radiance and you are set. You don’t need a complicated makeup routine to look beautiful. Armed with the right products and the right approach, it’s absolutely amazing what can be achieved. 

About Aleph

Aleph Beauty is an intelligently crafted makeup range, made with care in New Zealand. A professional, minimal makeup collection that consciously declares every ingredient, and the complete manufacturing and packaging process. 

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