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Sustainable Traders 10th August 2022

Sustainable Traders 10th August 2022

Ruco Paints | Real Good Food Group | The Fifth Lane |  No Bones | Goodbyes | Swap and Grow Mushrooms | Wholistically Healthy | Coreo 

Ruco Paints

Ruco Paints is an Australian maker of sustainably-made paints  using natural earth and mineral pigments and ethically sourced micas wherever possible. Their binder is made from filtered rainwater, raw gum arabic crystals, glycerin and pure rosemary oil making it 100% natural and vegan.
Their beautiful paint pans are hand built in small batches, double fired at a local kiln and glazed inside so they will last a lifetime with care and are refillable. Their boxes are cut, stained, assembled and finished in their own studio from Tasmanian oak. The handles that adorn them change each release but are all hand dug Australian crystal pieces - all unique and with their own magic from the earth.

Real Good Food Group

The Real Good Food Group is a place several brands like to call home. In 2010, they welcomed The Gluten Free Food Co with a range of 8 premium gluten free bake mixes and flour blends. All products are created using whole flours and seed meals, no nut meal, organic ingredients and are totally plant based. In 2017, they released the Vegan Mac n Cheez and soon afterwards welcomed Plantasy Foods. The Mac n Cheez and the Protein Patty joined Plantasy in its quest to champion nutritious, delicious, gluten free plant based convenience foods. Plantasy Foods now has 18 products in the range and loads more on the horizon.

The Fifth Lane

The Fifth Lane is an Australian jeweller based on the Central Coast of Australia specialising in handcrafted jewellery.  All of their jewellery is handmade to order by Tom and his small team. The Fifth Lane also offers workshops across NSW and Queensland where Tom teaches the basics of silversmithing over a glass of wine.

No Bones

No Bones opened its doors in April 2018 with a mission to change the way people think about vegan food. Their goals for 2022 are to become 100% carbon neutral and to make sure they are using 90% Australian made/grown produce and products, to reduce their environmental impact. This year, No Bones has started working with Farmers Footprint to ensure they are working closely with local farmers who are growing food the way nature intended, regeneratively.


Goodbyes is a resale service and shopping experience that extends the lifespan of well-made garments, shoes and accessories. Gather together the pieces you would like to sell and ensure they are clean, freshly washed and ready for a new home. Bring your collection of items into one of Goodbyes' stores. Within a thirty-minute window, they carefully sort and select based on condition, quality and demand. When five or more garments, shoes, or accessories have been accepted, your consignment can be processed.

Swap and Grow Mushrooms

Swap and Grow Mushrooms' simple bucket system provides you with a regular supply of amazing gourmet oyster mushrooms that will grow in your home on the kitchen bench. Their bucket farms are already re-purposed, have no waste packaging and will continue to be cycled through their urban mushroom farm time and time again. Just return your spent grow buckets to them and they will turn the all-organic by-products into compost, soil and high quality food for the community.

Wholistically Healthy

Wholistically Healthy is a Perth-based home delivery service specialising in deliciously satisfying plant based meals designed to empower you to eat clean. Simply choose from their protein-packed, vegan or gluten free menu and let them do all the hard work for you. All their meals are delivered fresh to your door, crafted using only the freshest, all-natural wholefood ingredients that are sourced locally.


Coreo is a family business founded by two sisters. As a team, they are circular economy strategic advisors, project partners and all round doers bringing passion, a depth of unique experience and a good dose of cognitive diversity to the table.

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