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Sustainable Traders 22nd August 2022

Sustainable Traders 22nd August 2022

Berringa Honey | Raze Collections | Mountview Alpaca Farm | Good360 | Zuster | Barambah Organics | Circular Sourcing | Bounce 

Berringa Honey

First established over 20 years ago by Peter Woodward, Berringa is an Australian-owned, Melbourne-based producer of honey. Berringa Honey is genuine 100% Australian honey. The Berringa Family are also strong advocates and supporters of sustainable farming, working closely with beekeepers to ensure good farming practices.

Raze Collections

Raze is proud to be designed and created in Brisbane, Australia. Being locally made not only supports our local talent, but also helps us keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Raze uses textiles that are created from plants and trees, meaning that at the end of your garment’s life cycle, the fibres are fully biodegradable.

Mountview Alpaca Farm

The Alpaca Farm here in Canungra has been operating for around a quarter of a century, and was purchased by owners Jen and Steve over 11 years ago. Originally located in the Green Mountains section of Lamington National it has since relocated to the inside grounds of O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard. They offer a delightful mix of experiences, perfectly matched for the entire family. A light hearted getaway, a romantic day out or a picnic with the Alpacas for a family day. 


With the generous support of our agents for good including donors, funders and partners, Good360 is repurposing surplus brand new goods and directing them to the Australians who need them most. Our goal is for nothing useful to lie unused.


Zuster designs and manufactures beautiful handcrafted furniture in Melbourne since 1994. Zuster’s furniture and homewares collection is notable for its exquisite detailing and refined finishing. Each piece is a statement in its own right, designed to enrich and elevate your home spaces, and become part of your family history.

Barambah Organics

Barambah Organics is an Australian producer of certified organic milk, cheese and dairy products produced from their very own farm. Unlike conventional dairy farms, Barambah Organics' cows spend their days in the sunshine munching on nutrient-rich, green grass. And, as their grass is so good, there’s no need to spray it with harmful artificial fertilisers, herbicides or chemical pesticides.

Circular Sourcing

Started by A.BCH founder Courtney Holm in 2018 after experiencing a dire shortage of accessible, circular raw materials on the market, Circular Sourcing are on a mission to make sustainable and circular raw materials accessible to everyone - from hard-to-find trims, to surplus fabrics and biodegradable building blocks. Circular Sourcing has grown from a small Etsy store to a popular sourcing hub where anyone from students to home sewers, craftspeople and small businesses can source with an MOQ of 1. 


Bounce is passionate about creating 100% natural and delicious snacks, where ‘healthy’ doesn’t need to be boring. Bounce creates clean nutrition by using high quality ingredients and leaving out all junk and nasties. Their products are completely free from Palm Oil and GMOs.

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