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Radish root is an excellent preservative

Radish root is an excellent preservative

Radish root is good for way more than lunch or dinner. Unless you are talking about your skin

Most people don't realise that all personal care products which contain water, or a water-based ingredient, require a preservation system to offer protection from bacteria, mould and microbial growth.

Many of these products contain synthetic chemical preservatives, such as parabens and phenoxyethanol, which can be highly irritating to the skin and often lead to long term health issues if used daily and in conjunction with other potentially toxic ingredients.

At Merkaba Skincare, we only work with 100% natural, botanical ingredients, but it’s equally important for us to source innovative, active ingredients that are research-backed so that they actually do what they claim to do.

We were faced with this challenge while working on the formula for our Hydrating Facial Mist which contains a percentage of water-based ingredients. We required a ‘clean’ ingredient, but also needed assurance that our product would remain stable.

 After much research, we were delighted to discover radish root ferment, a natural preservative that inhibits microbial growth without disrupting the skins microbiome, comes directly from Mother Nature and has other skin loving benefits for the skin.

Radish root ferment filtrate (leuconostoc) is a natural preservative

What exactly is leuconostoc / radish root ferment filtrate? Radish root ferment filtrate (leuconostoc) is a natural preservative produced by fermenting radish roots with the micro-organism, leuconostoc, a lactic acid used to make the traditional Korean ferment, Kimchi. The bacteria produced during this process restricts the growth of other microorganisms by acidifying its environment. This antimicrobial capability is due to natural mechanisms developed by plants by which they protect themselves from their environment and other competing organisms.

Radish root ferment filtrate is also much more

The active ingredient released is a unique peptide which inhibits microbial growth, making it an ideal choice of preservative for natural and plant-based formulations.

As well as protecting the product, radish root also helps to fight against acne. Bacteria and increased oil production are the major causes of most acne so using a product containing radish root can help to alleviate this condition.

Radish root also supports healthy aging skin because of a unique peptide that is released in the fermentation process of the radish roots. Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen and elastin. When applied to the skin, peptides trigger skin cells to perform specific functions such as building collagen and elastin.

Radish root can also help reduce Inflammation. Radish root has been used traditionally for centuries in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, helping to alleviate redness, itching and swelling.

It also keeps the skin hydrated as the hyaluronic acid found in radish root acts as a humectant, hydrating the skin by its ability to retain moisture. And it's a source of probiotics. The bacteria produced by the fermentation process compliments your skin’s natural microbiome by delivering a healthy dose of probiotics. 

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