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Kissing off Mass Market Skin Care

Kissing off Mass Market Skin Care

Small batch eco body product producers are cooking up divine, simpler, healthier bodies of products 

Every day, more and more beautiful, sensual, just plain divine body care products are available. As more of us wise up to hyper marketed, over priced traditional body products and turn to safer, eco solutions, it is surprising just how much less expensive and incredibly accessible eco products are.

It's a tough, but hopefully satisfying world for eco body care product makers. Product is made literally every where - from kitchen stoves to mass production factories. And sold anywhere from a maker's front door, at markets, online or in specialty stores and department stores.

Eco body care one of the most important and influential change agents in the new eco economy. And it is one that many people just do without even thinking eco.

There are many reasons for body care's accidental leadership. For starters, the barriers to entry are low. And rightly so. Ingredients are accessible and recipes straightforward, making the products easy to access. Anyway, the list of good clean ingredients that really needs to go on your skin is pretty short. 

And so many commercial ingredients, like Palm Oil, while convenient, are completely unnecessary, with plenty of more useful alternatives.  And frankly, there is nothing beautiful or convenient about an orangutan losing its home or life for the convenience of making our lives more beautiful. 

For users, many of those ingredients are sensual and lush and make you feel good. And of course you use them at least once, every day. And that is a lot of opportunity to contemplate what you are putting in your body.

As eco leaders, it is a short step from body care to thinking about the quality of your food and cleaning products.

Under Body Care, you will find our starter list of 190 Aussie products that are manufactured locally and we have selected for our website relaunch.  These are supplied from about 12 of our starter group of 150 eco businesses. (Not a lot, but we are just getting started! If you know a great Aussie body care product who deserves to be on, please let us know!)

We know there are literally hundreds of equally wonderful eco body product producers in Australia and we hope they all join us. Will you join in our eco for everyone crusade?

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