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How to Recycle Plant Based Food Waste

How to Recycle Plant Based Food Waste

Food scraps still make up more than 30% of an average household waste bin. Of all household scraps, plant based food waste is probably the easiest to get rid of in other ways

Straight up, the best way to get rid of plant based food is to eat it. After that option, anything that started life as a plant can go into your compost bin if you have one. This includes anything paper, grain based like bread, wood based or any fruit, nut or vegetable.

On the kitchen bench, a Bokashi Bins will take anything a compost bin takes and pretty much anything else that you might eat. More and more city councils are accepting food based waste in Green Organics bins. (Best check your local council to find out your options.)

Manage by zero waste

The smartest way of managing food waste is to not buy more than you need in the first place. If you do have leftovers, it's fun to put them into google as a list and see what recipes come up. Or simply freeze or reuse leftovers or turn them into yummy treats for your pets. (Of course freezing food that has not been cooked and you know you won't use right away is also a good option.)

Landfill is a bad option for food

Most people think nothing of putting food waste into the garbage and ultimately into landfill as they think it breaks down readily. If it wasn't buried under so much other rubbish, this would be true, but it is and that creates a big problem because there is very little oxygen. Compressed under every other thing that gets tossed into landfill, food waste breaks down anaerobically, producing methane and methane is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

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