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"Helping Linen" for bushfire survivors

"Helping Linen" for bushfire survivors

20 years ago, I would never have thought I would be living in Australia, that alone have been in a huge fire that come within 100 metres of burning down my home

I came to Australia on a backpacking holiday and never left. I fell in love with Australia; Craig, an Aussie fisherman; and with Tumbarumba, in the beautiful western slopes of the Snowy Mountains.

Together we started life together on a property consisting of “just grass, a creek and a couple of trees” and a determination to live a life as natural and sustainable as the land itself.  Craig and I set about building a beautiful strawbale house which we built ourselves from the ground up. 

Like so many other parents who make sustainable products, it was my lifelong pursuit for healthy, natural products and the desire for more time with our two children that proved the catalyst for our business, Simply Natural Home, which I launched in 2017.

Two years into the business came the worst bush fires of 2019/2020, which had such a devastating effect across Australia, including our community which lost 182 houses with another 44 damaged. Our home was almost a victim to the devastating fires with the fire coming ridiculously close to our house, in fact only 100 metres away!

Like many others at the time, we were overwhelmed by the wonderful support shown to all those whose lives were touched by the bushfires and I personally thank Rebecca Wells from Uambisouth, from the bottom of my heart for having me and the kids while we waited for 10 days to be able to go back home again.

I was lucky and had the opportunity to help others

There were many in our community that were not as fortunate as we have been. I created “Helping Linen” to help those who lost their homes in the bushfires. We sell natural and handcrafted alternatives to many mass-produced homewares and linens - bedlinen, bath towels, throws, table linen and uniquely handcrafted all-natural Australian Hemp Soap.

Through the Helping Linen project, we contribute 20% of every Premium Baltic Linen purchase towards supplying affected families with pure linen bed sheets and towels, providing love and support for those rebuilding their lives. Being able to offer these sheets in support was particularly important to me as the linen comes from Lithuania where it is handcrafted by a small third generation family business. Europe is my heritage and Lithuania has a long tradition with beautiful linen.

2020 has been a rather challenging time for all of us, but my passion for sustainable, natural and non-toxic resources, and a desire to have more Australians experience the benefits of natural alternatives keeps us going. Mental toughness is always important because there are ups and downs from feeling very excited and successful to feeling like nothing is working. But, at the end of each day we are so grateful to have such wonderful customers supporting us.

My proudest moment since I launched Simply Natural Home was when I got my first big hearted “thank you” from a happy customer!

About Simply Natural Home

We are the real deal and in sustainability, we went the whole nine yards. On our website you can also learn about our family's journey to live a fully natural and non-toxic lifestyle, including building our own home and filling it only with useful, sustainable products like our linen and all natural Hemp Soaps. The perfect combination to naturally care for yourself in the bathroom. Feel raw and earthy while super soft and kind to your body, skin and hair. What I love most about them is how versatile they are. One product for many uses without waste or clutter! Perfect for a natural and simplistic lifestyle.

And if you haven't slept on linen yet, it's an experience! Our premium european flax-linen products are  durable and sustainable. They are amazingly soft, feeling wonderful and gentle on your skin while the fibre's natural climate control keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Take care and stay safe

Tatjana xxx

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