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Take Advantage of Natural Light

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Apart from all the health benefits, natural light is both an excellent way to decrease your electricity bill and green house gas emissions as it keeps lights off and warmth inside in winter

If you are living cheek to jowl in an inner urban area with no side windows, skylight technology has progressed along way with excellent insulation properties. 

Move your office desk and your reading chair to a place where sunlight reaches for the majority of the day. This will reduce the need to use artificial lighting.

Apart from a lower energy bill and carbon emissions, there are several benefits involved with using natural light:

 Increase in productivity

 Increase in motivation

 Better mood

 Decrease in eyestrain and headaches

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Science Notes

Natural light impacts us on psychological, physiological and physical levels.

All these things make for happier and healthier homes, schools and offices. You only have to be in a meeting over a new office floor plan to know how much window space is prized.

Related Tip

Having indoor plants not only improves the look of a room or office but they also have a range of health benefits and can improve productivity. 

Indoor plants can increase the quality of the air and improve concentration.