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Get Nude - Lunch Boxes

Get Nude - Lunch Boxes

If you are among the thousands of us finding the way back to the office, it's time to consider a new lunch dress-code. Nude. Everyone is doing it

If you don't have young kids and haven't been retrained already by nude food rules, you have to know, it is time to get nude. Everyone is looking at you in the lunch room and you better be looking good!  

It's single use packaging that you are ditching

Going nude for lunch means single use nude. That means your food is not wearing any kind of paper or plastic sandwich bags or cling wrap. It means no packaging that will end up in the bin. Every single item in the lunch box must be edible or reusable. 

Instead of wrapping the sandwiches in an environmentally damaging material such as plastic-film, wrap in beeswax wraps or better yet, put them in reusable containers. Use glass for the office if you can, but you will need to use plastic or metal for kids, particularly the younger years at school. 

There isn't much science to over wrapped lunch boxes. Particularly with plastic film.

Plastic film and wrap is made from polyethylene, and typically ends up in landfill and does not decompose. On top of that, polyethylene is made from petroleum which is a non renewable material. Once you start looking at alternatives, you will find yourself shifting from the 'wrap' mentality and more toward a right sized continer. Often a simple glass jar is best.

There are many many brilliant lunch boxes on the market - made of tin, recycled plastic, glass - with or without little categories. You can get esky like lunch boxes or little freezer bag ones, into which you can pack the containers you already have easily. 

Liquids and cups

Use a reusable water bottle, instead of buying bottled water and make sure you have your reusable coffee cup is you get take-away. Think laterally about containers as well. If you have a reusable cup, these containers are not just for coffee. You can put all manner of snacks in them while you aren't using them for coffee.

Images: Little Eco Shop | Unsplash Sandra Harris / Swell

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