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How to Master a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe for Children 2

How to Master a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe for Children 2

Once you have roughly defined your capsule collection, live with it for a while before purchasing new items - step 2

Get a feel for whether this works for you and if it's the style you feel comfortable having your child in. You might realise that you are missing something, a jacket, or a pair of pants that goes with all your existing capsule items. Now, it's important to set yourself guidelines around what values to you most when adding to your capsule, ie. sustainably-sourced fibres, natural dyes, fair trade labour, all of the above.

Step 2: Create rules, buy less and choose well

Buying less and choosing well might require you to do some research before you find a label that is truly sustainable or to find a trusted re-seller, like Indie & Isaac, that has done the research for you. Either way, to level up your capsule into a sustainable collection, do not go shopping without a clear vision of what you really need and what brands are on offer that meet your requirements.

Even if you do end up giving away some of the new clothes at some stage in your life, chances are high that someone else will fall in love with them just as you did the first day - and if you have opted in for natural fibres without the use of toxic pesticides or genetically modified seeds, chances are even higher that your clothes will look and feel just like when you first purchased them, while being gentle on the skin and on the environment.

Shop brands that align with your values

Indie & Isaac has partnered with brands who go the extra mile and have stringent sustainability practices in place. Like you, we care deeply about the environment and offer parents natural, sustainably-sourced and ethically manufactured clothing for babies and kids. Our capsule collections are gender-neutral and transeasonal while we also offer second-hand items and buy back outgrown clothing to keep fashion waste out of landfills in true circular economy style.

Step 3: Go minimalist and maintain your collection size

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