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Fresh Sustainable Traders 31 May 2022

Fresh Sustainable Traders 31 May 2022

Emma and Tom's | Orba Shoes | Clean Technology Partners | Adventure Junky | Salty Aura | Tasman Environmental Markets | Ocean Remedy | The Jojoba Company

Emma and Tom's

Using cutting edge, minimal processing techniques and a devotion to all natural ingredients, Emma and Tom's produces food and beverages which are free from preservatives, concentrates and artificial flavours. Their range includes juices, life bars and refreshing iced teas that are jam-packed with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so that you can feel great. Emma and Tom's pride themselves on maintaining close relationships with their producers and suppliers, proudly supporting Australian farmers and families. Proudly Australian owned and a certified B-Corp, they are also an Official Partner of Foodbank Victoria joining the fight against hunger and supporting people in need.

Orba Shoes

Best Design Awards finalist for Sustainable Product Design in 2021, Orba shoes are designed to biodegrade, so you can feel good knowing that when you’re ready to say goodbye, your shoes will return to nature, going back into the soil they came from. Orba shoes are a true global effort to close the loop in footwear. Each material, from the natural plant-based rubber sole to the embroidered cotton eyelets, has been carefully chosen for its unique properties and environmental impact, to create a shoe that keeps you and the planet looking good.

Clean Technology Partners

Clean Technology Partners (CTP) is an established renewable energy consulting and project management company. Since 2011, CTP has been providing engineering services for more than 3GW of clean energy and 250MWh of energy storage projects through all stages of the project lifecycle. CTP provides engineering services across three main categories:  Detailed Design, Power System Studies, and Technical Advisory. They also provide a turn-key grid connection solution known as e-Cube, a true “plug and play” utility interface for grid connected solar, battery and hybrid assets, capable of connecting to 11kV, 22kV and 33kV networks. CTP is a business that seeks to have a positive impact on its stakeholders and the planet, and is proud to be a certified B-Corporation.

Adventure Junky

Co-founded by Fuchsia Claire Sims and Nigel Malone, Adventure Junky aims to influence the future of travel through the Adventure Junky App's readily-accessible sustainable travel experiences; and by creating tangible solutions to the most pressing problems arising from tourism, through both awareness, education and offsetting programs. Take responsibility for your carbon footprint and join  a global community of conscious and responsible travellers, tour operators and destination marketers, committed to making tourism a force for good. 

Salty Aura

Salty Aura is an Australian business based in Middleton, South Australia, on a mission to bring you quality aesthetic products that can accompany you on your adventures while also making a difference. Their products are made from 100% recycled or natural sustainable materials in creating their products. To help change the world and supply clean water to communities, Salty Aura donates 10% of profits to Opblue and Eden Reforestation Projects. 10 trees are planted every product sold, so far planting over 295,000+ trees. 

Tasman Environmental Markets

Established in 2014, Tasman Environmental Markets or TEM empowers business and consumers to achieve carbon neutrality and make extraordinary impact by connecting with life-changing carbon offset projects. There is rapidly growing demand by big business to go carbon neutral. TEM partners with iconic brands to achieve their carbon neutral and net zero emissions goals through risk-managed carbon offset solutions and sophisticated, world-class technology. TEM is a certified B Corporation, certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, a member of CMI, and signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct.

Ocean Remedy

Ocean Remedy is an Australian swimwear label designing quality swimwear for ocean lovers, sharing knowledge, researching: recycling, micro-plastics & sustainability. Ocean Remedy have brought Guppyfriend wash bags to Australia. Guppyfriend stops fibre breakage by protecting your garments in the wash. Additionally, being constructed of a technically woven nylon monofilament, the fibres that do break are contained in the bag. This keeps them out of laundry wastewater and out of our oceans. We continue to research microplastic fibre release from fabrics, with a goal to reduce the problem at the textile and fibre level, in addition to options to empower individuals to make a difference, like Guppyfriend.

The Jojoba Company

The Jojoba Company produces liquid jojoba wax, cold pressed and filtered fourteen times to guarantee clarity and sterility. Jojoba does not contain any chemicals, perfumes, and artificial fragrances. It naturally contains vitamins A, D and E known as skin healing vitamins. It is also used to calm a wide range of skin conditions because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory attributes. Founded in 2008, The Jojoba Company sustainably produces liquid jojoba wax straight from their plantation in Australia’s Riverina region, in Yenda. The plants used in their products are handselected, like the kakadu plum, lilllypilly and quandong to bring their own powerful qualities to work in perfect balance with their very own jojoba wax.

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