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Farmwall - New Generation Vertical Garden Greens

Farmwall - New Generation Vertical Garden Greens

Vertical gardens got a whole lot more interesting when new generation Melbourne food production company, Farmwall raised funds on crowd fund platform in 2017.

Farmwall and passed their raise target of $30,000 to set up their first venues.

Garden to plate in less than a minute is nothing new, but what sets this vertical garden apart is that it is closed loop, fish powered ecosystem. It is completely managed by Farmwall so you are guaranteed of consistent supply.  

Farmwall offer an all-round maintenance business model which essentially means that you don't even have to look after your wall.

Farmwall provides the wall and the service and maintenance through a weekly subscription, providing the chef at your local restaurant with high nutritional produce in a convenient way. 

Keeping vertical gardens alive and flourishing without a green thumb has been a huge challenge for well meaning installations, but as a chef, this one literally takes care of itself. 

In the bottom of the Farmwall there's an aqua-scaped fish tank with an internal bio filter to hold bacterial mass. The water from this tank is free of chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, and acts as a natural water source with added nutrients from the fish to support the growth with the nutrients already found in the seeds. 

Farmwall grow micro greens this way and from the moment there are requirements to grow to a bigger size, they use a specific high nutrient and ph neutral soil mix. 

Green walls like Farmwall are important ways to engage in high density production in pretty much any urban setting - commercial or residential and reduce waste - packaging, food waste and fossil fuels in food miles. On the food nutrient front, there is of course the advantages of fresh, chemical free, fully locavarian food. (You don't get much more locavarian than a few feet.)  

Farmwalls are equally useful in commercial & residential venues. My daughter and her partner have 7 children aged between 21 and 10 between them and I can easily see how a system like this would live happily in their household.

The four founders include an eco city guy, a fish whisperer (of course), along with creative and finance. They plan to use the initial funding to build 3 showcase gardens in 3 restaurants in Melbourne.

Images: Farmwall

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