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11 Uses for Rubber Gloves

11 Uses for Rubber Gloves

There's more to a rubber glove than cleaning action

Rubber gloves aren't the most sustainable product in the world and there are literally billions of these little chemical coated, vulcanised rubber beauties in the world. If you do use them, and most of us do, use them for as long as you can and think before you toss them because they are going to be around for along time once you do.

Some of these uses strike me as being far more useful than donning your hands to protect them from a bit of water in the first place.

  1. Put on you gloves, wet them and wipe the lounge with your bare glove after the family pet has been lazing there. Your glove will remove cat, dog and rabbit hair.
  2. Grab a glove to unhinge new or tight jar lids. You don't even have to put the glove on. Just use it to grip the lid.
  3. Cut the rubber gloves into strips to use as heavy duty rubber bands of varying sizes.
  4. Prick holes in the end of each finger, fill with water and use as a bath toy with your children.
  5. Cut the fingers off and keep in your first aid kit for when you need to cover a bandaged finger.
  6. Fill with water and freeze to create ice hands. Perfect for Halloween.
  7. Make a garden planter. Prick a hole in some of the fingers to create drainage.
  8. Cut the fingers off the rubber gloves and make them into finger puppets.
  9. Cut back the arm area and attach a glove to your tool-belt to store screw drivers.
  10. Cut the fingers off and attach them to mop and broom handles, the bristles won't slide or fall over any more.
  11. Fill the gloves with rice and tie the end. Dip the rice-filled glove in paint and create slap-art.

Rubber Gloves are made in rubber glove factories (surprise)! If you want to waste a few minutes being creeped out by revolving hands, go to the Science Channel for a look. 

Images: Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock / The Science Channel

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