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Use a Chalk Board Instead of Post It Notes

Use a Chalk Board Instead of Post It Notes

Post It notes made 3M a fortune - and pretty much everyone who went ahead and ripped off the idea

3M themselves actually have a Sustainably Logged Timber policy since 2015 as a result of years of campaigning by ForestEthics.

Even so, in a high tech world, Post It notes might be convenient and a great way of mapping and planning, but they are up there with every other single use product as a big assed waste of resources, to which there are many alternatives.

One alternative is a little old fashioned, but a great aesthetic - at home or at work - chalk boards. Whole walls or small boards, they are a great way of passing on notes, making lists and setting reminders.

Chalk boards are easily purchased at office supplies stores, toy shops or department stores. Alternatively, you can easily make on by simply purchasing some Blackboard paint and painting any surface you like.

Paint a piece of old timber or ply, an old mirror or simply allocate part of a wall where the board is most useful.

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Science Notes

Post it notes are recyclable, but ridiculously expensive, unnecessary and waste of paper and ink.

In recycling post it notes, the adhesive on the back of the post it note are removed in the de-inking stage of the recycling process.

Related Tip

Post It notes contribute to the large amount of paper waste. And even though paper is recyclable, Australians send an estimated 1.9 million tonnes of paper to landfill each year. By recycling one tonne of paper, we can save 13 trees.