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Top Tips for Eco Cleaning Equipment

Top Tips for Eco Cleaning Equipment

Green cleaning equipment is as important as green cleaning products

There are some rules of thumb with cleaning equipment - buy quality and re-use.

Durable cleaning equipment is generally much more eco-friendly,  purely because it lasts. Throwing out even just a few sponges a week can, over time, be harmful to the environment. You can prolong the life of grubby sponges by soaking them in water and vinegar for a few minutes, then washing and soaking them in just water.

Old clothes, towels and tea towels make excellent rags for all kinds of cleaning, especially if they are pure cotton.

Microfibre mop heads are reusable, so last much longer than those without a microfibre head.

You can even contribute to the protection of the environment by choosing products made from biodegradables, such as wooden handle mops and brooms, rather than plastic.

Helpling offer local cleaners in Australia and around the world and we encourage our cleaners to use eco-friendly products - for their own long term health, the health of our customers and of course the planet. If we all make small changes to our home cleaning routine, the cumulative impact on the environment can be significant. And if you employ your own home cleaner, you can request that they only use eco-friendly products. Or if you provide the cleaning products yourself, you can ensure they only use products that aren’t harmful to the environment.

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