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NATURALLY INSPIRED is set to be the diy eco products bible

It is actually surprisingly easy to make all kinds of household and body products - I'd say, on par with making a salad. And a bit like making salad, it's simply about personal confidence and the right ingredients. Even as multi million dollar ad campaigns glorify everything from toilet cleaner to make up remover, in the end, glory comes at a chemical and packaging cost that in most cases, you can do a better job of in your own kitchen.

For anyone who wants to take control of their own natural life free, from a few thousand avoidable toxins, this book is full of easy, but tested and proven recipes. By replacing a few store-bought products with diy alternatives, not only will you improve your overall health and well-being, you’ll also save money and reduce waste.

This is Krissy Ballinger's third diy book and most comprehensive so far. It took 7 months to put together (and 10 years of learning to write) and is loaded with recipes for common day-to-day essentials like deodorant, sunscreen, magnesium oil, dishwasher tablets, cleaning sprays and much more. It’s easy to be inspired by the simplicity of the recipes and the stunning photography. 

NATURALLY INSPIRED is a 378-page, hardcover book, with over 125 recipes and guides for natural DIY body care and cleaning. Font size is larger than normal for ease of reference when DIY-ing. Recipes include conventional methods, as well as many thermal appliance methods.

The book has been divided into 3 sections: 

  1. Information & Education (on becoming an educated shopper, reading labels, sourcing and using natural ingredients, cleaning up and more); 
  2. Body Care Recipes (categorised by area; face, teeth and oral care, body essentials etc.)
  3. Cleaning Recipes, Tips and Guides (categorised by areas of the home; kitchen, laundry, bathroom etc.)

If you are new to diy or a bit nervous about where to start, here are a couple of tips from Krissy. 

What is the easiest thing for a novice to make?

It has to be a simple foaming wash. Best part is that it can be a hand, face and body wash, shampoo (for children that don't have greasy or dyed hair) and dishwashing foam!

Which products are most important to get out of your home for small children?

I can't draw the line at one product, but I can draw the line on one ingredient: synthetic fragrance. Get it out of your home. That means washing powder, softener, perfume, toilet spray, deodorant etc.

What are your favourite 3 recipes and what is it about them that you particularly like?

That's like asking which child I love most! 1. Deodorant - because commercial varieties with fragrance, aluminium etc, have no place on my pits; 2. Washing powder - because one batch lasts months and the positive impact on the environment when comparing it to commercial brands is huge 3. Perfume - because it is SO easy to make, and eliminating artificial fragrance should be top priority for all!

Do you have any advice for micro / small businesses making body care products?

Do your research. Don't skimp on the technicalities/legalities and never ever compromise on ingredient quality. 

(Please note for those who previously purchased supplies from Inspired Little Pot, Krissy has stopped selling supplies to focus on sharing knowledge.)

When you have good recipes, there is so much to love about diy'ing your own home products

  • You know exactly what is in it - and that is often not much at all

  • You appreciate its value, so you will love it more and waste less of it

  • No packaging, sending, storage or marketing - embedded costs or emissions

  • Just like any recipe, once you are confident, you can customise

  • Most importantly, you learn both new skills and do the planet a huge favour

  • Oh, and you beat the system. You side step big marketing and in your own kitchen, make a better product with more love, care and reality. No skinny model with flawless skin and perfect children, wiping your benchtops with some chemical laden rubbish that is 90% marketing. Do your own marketing and fatten your bank account, your health and your soul!

Krissy's Ingredients watch list

 It's a great list to check the ingredients of any body care or cleaning product you are about to buy. (It's not exhaustive, but it's the main toxic chemical offenders, in alphabetical order.)

Images: Krissy Ballinger   |  Footnote: We don't do paid promotions here at, but the author was sent this book.

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Michelle Z

Simone, grab the digital copy for yourself too. You won't regret it. Thursday, 7 May 2020

Simone N

I just ordered a copy and can't wait to receive it! Saturday, 27 April 2019