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The Future Belongs to the Children Who Dare to Ask for it

The Future Belongs to the Children Who Dare to Ask for it

And they are going to make sure they get it

When we started, like many parents, we wanted to use our skills, networks and finances to do everything we could to save the planet for our children.

Well, that's been rewritten these past few weeks. The aftermath of the USA killing of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine's Day 2018 has changed it forever. The future still belongs to our children, but it's looking awfully like it's our children who will make sure they get it. Before they even leave school. 

There's a rebellion afoot in the USA. And anyone who thinks these high school students won't do it, has never stood between a child and his train set. (Or mobile phone in my child's case).

The Generation Z children of America have declared war on flaky, fake haired, fat assed, gun touting old guys with piles of money tied up in vested interests related to gun lobbyists. And these young people are going to do something none of them will do.  The 'them' would be you Donald. Your mates and everyone like you. 

American students are taking back the right to their own safety because no one else is going to give that right to them. And these young people will take it, because they have real hair, they are young & healthy and they have no money, security team or political agenda tied to someone with a gun. 

And they will live longer too. If they can create a world where they get the chance to be as old as you without being afraid that someone can stroll into a gun shop with $130 and shooting them up.

And it's that right to live without fear that made these students activists, armed with no more than nothing to lose

Because these school students, the millions of them like Delaney Tarr have everything to gain and nothing to lose, that makes them very very dangerous. Delaney Tarr nailed every part of the real truth of the guns issue in this speech. And she's just one of many many kids in the USA and around the world working this issue.

The losing straw for law makers, lobbyists and lap dog politicians is that they simply let it happen once too often - in a world where we are all tired of waiting for someone to stand up for something, anything really, that matters. 

The reality is that it's time we all realised that there is no point looking to politicians to deal with issues like these. They simply can't do anything about them even if they wanted to. I'm not saying it's ok. Just a fact. And once we get that, we are empowered to act.

The reality of the USA guns issue is that it is a complex, hairy beast and politicians are completely paralysed by the systemic mire of money & relationships that has been created through history.  And therein lies the problem. If a pollie lifts a finger to change one rule, someone bites them on the leg. Lift a leg and someone different punches their face. 

So nothing changes - even if there's a pollie with a genuine want to change. 

Well, there's a new world coming. Issues like these have people power. And they can be solved by people with no vested interest in anything but the actual issue itself. And that is the power shift. From institutions to the people. In this case the kids directly affected. Technology mobilizes and enables people in ways that have only just started to change society. 

A new reality is coming. (And if you doubt it, think about #timesup for a few seconds.)

For everyone crusading for their part in saving the planet, these power shift signals are very important. 

As a broad based eco site, at, we, and everyone who is part of creating a more eco world, see thousands of businesses - growing every day, who are making positive change in the world.  Bringing more eco, sustainable, clean, local products to every day life.  

But it's a long complex road as we tackle the layers of green washing, spin, marketing & consumerism. But just like the children of America, as every one of us continues to make, bake, serve, sell, tell, recycle, upcycle, sew, go for whatever eco we can, with the power we have, and stand together, without waiting for any politician or institution to give us permission, then we'll continue to make a difference. 

The eco generation is all of us. Everyone who lives right now. We want this planet to be here for our children, long after we are gone.

We are in this together and as climate change bites in harder, we don't want to be saying, 'I told you so.'

We want to be saying, 'Here, try this. It's eco. It will help you on your way.'  

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Kelly M

I really hope those school kids don't give up. They are so articulate. I am sure someone is helping them write speeches but they are spot on. Change has to start somewhere. Thursday, 1 March 2018

KT Doyle
Artist, Designer & Maker

What a powerful and motivational piece! I completely agree. Times are changing, because we ‘the people’ are changing them, not politicians or big brands. Like you, we don't want to look back in 20-30 years time and say, ‘I wish we had have done something, rather than having waited for someone else to do something...’ Thursday, 1 March 2018