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The Faces of Climate Change

The Faces of Climate Change

And there aren't too many who are standing in the path of climate change impacts who are smiling

Misery is the face of climate change for most animals and people directly affected by it. This photo of a starving polar bear in the Arctic is one of my personal drivers for

It was taken by one of's key investors nearly ten years ago and thinking about what might have happened to this guy is one of the keys that drives me - because those eyes haunt me. Those eyes are staring down the future. A future with no ice - no home, no food and no life. No polar bear. 

That face could equally be the face of one of our children - human or furry. If you are an occupant of the global north, chances are that any misery would only be about a sore finger or late dinner or no walk today.  Not a life and death struggle for survival. A place you find yourself in because of the actions of others, miles away, who you can't even see.

Consuming less. Changing habits, trying new things. Just doing one thing, making it a habit and trying another. Even if it is a tiny thing. Everything counts. Let's be better eco consumers.

But if you ever need a kick up the bum and a reminder of why you should care - whether it's only about trying one new thing or you have made it your life's work, come look at my bear. 

Pic: Film maker & Photographer Peter Hanlon 
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