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Recycling Yoga equipment

Recycling Yoga equipment

Recycling your yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga straps, foam rollers, self massage balls and self massage tools can be tricky

It surprises many people to learn that most yoga items are made of non-recyclable plastic materials or mixed plastics, rendering them impossible to be recycled in our curb side recycling program. For such a holistic passion, it's is kind of strange that yoga equipment is so hard to recycle. Most common yoga products are plastic based. 

If you are buying new yoga equipment, the best option is to steer well clear of any kind of plastic based gear. (The fastest way to understand if gear is recyclable is to read the label. The maker will tell you.)

If you have gear that you are replacing, MOBECO has partnered with TerraCycle to get recycle it. MOBECO will take your unwanted items for you but they will give you a discount towards future purchases of their plastic-free, eco-friendly yoga and self massage tools.

How to recycle with MOBECO - Terracycle

First, please consider the alternatives before recycling such as giving to charity if your items still in good nick. If you can't give it away or it's simply not saveable, go to our website for details on where to send your items. (If you are looking for new equipment, recycling entitles you to 20% off their entire range when you recycle!)

What can you recycle with MOBECO?

You can recycle most yoga products:

  • Foam rollers of any shape, size, material or brand
  • Self massage balls/tools of any shape, size, material or brand
  • Yoga mats of any material or brand
  • Yoga blocks of any material or brand
  • Yoga straps of any material or brand
  • Yoga bolsters and covers of any material or brand

Buy plastic free next time

Whether you buy your gear from MOBECO or elsewhere, make sure you give back to the universe with your new purchases by buying plastic free. All MOBECO products are plastic free, made from sustainable materials and are durable. MOBECO also plants one tree with every purchase, they ship plastic free, and use carbon neutral payment gateways and shipping. Happy recycling!

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