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Recycled-paper wine bottles

Recycled-paper wine bottles

It's amazing what you discover about wine when you actually look at wine bottles instead of obsessing over what's in the bottle

Frugalpac, a UK based packager, has released a new wine and spirit bottle made from 94% recycled paperboard. Out to shake up the wine and spirits category by challenging the traditional dependence on glass bottles, they also seem to be gunning for the likes of plastic wine bottle flat packers, Garçon Wines.

Frugalpac are 5 times lighter than a glass bottle, but also point out that they use up to 77% less plastic (only 15g), than a 64g bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. While this seems to be Garçon Wines, what isn't clear is whether Frugalpac's plastic content is recycled. (Which probably means it isn't.)

Frugalpac calls itself 'the recycled paper wine bottle', which is mostly is, except for the food-grade liner to hold the wine or spirit, the plastic neck and metal cap. The liner and cap can be recycled by taking off the cap and removing the plastic liner from the bottle and putting it in the respective recycling bins, or the liner can be removed in the paper pulping process.

The bottle weighs 83 grams, can be produced by wine and spirit producers at their bottling facility. Frugalpac say that their 'Paper' wine bottle can cut carbon footprint by 84%.

PaperBoy is a USA innovation originally made for Safeway in 2013. It was also sold in the UK by GreenBottle. packaged in a molded paper outer shell in the shape of a traditional wine bottle, with a plastic liner inside. The outer molded pulp package can be constructed of virgin or recycled paper or cardboard, or vegetable material such as corn or palm waste.

For the PaperBoy brand, GreenBottle uses a construction of 80% pre-consumer corrugated waste. The inner liner is a low-density polyethylene. The neck insert is a rigid plastic, and the closure is an aluminum screw top.

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