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How to Recycle Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers

How to Recycle Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers

The most expedient thing to do with an old washing machine is to exchange at point of replacement sale.

The retailer who sells and installs your new washing machine or clothes dryer will take away and recycle your old appliance. This is usually done for free or a small fee depending on the retailer.

Alternatively, find a new owner for your washing machine or clothes dryer if it's in good working order. Sell your appliance or donate it to an opportunity shop.

Many councils have facilities at their transfer stations if your washing machine or clothes dryer no longer works. If you care to wait for the annual or bi annual council kerbside collection days, you can leave your old whitegoods on the footpath. 
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Science Notes
Engage in a little bit of strategic planning when you replace your washing machine so that you aren't left with your old one. Effective disposal of whitegoods involves diversion of as much waste from landfill to recycling and reclaiming of materials as possible.

Once gases and chemicals have been removed from whitegoods, they are then crushed and shredded. Whitegoods are primarily steel so the metals are then separated for reuse and the plastics for repurposing into other plastic products.

Related Tip
Much of the electrical and electronic waste discarded every year is still in working order, and can be reconditioned for further use.  The commoditisation and ready availability of appliances has made them almost mentally ‘disposable’.