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How to Recycle Towels

How to Recycle Towels

Towels that are no longer needed can make great cleaning cloths for your own house

If you have had towels sitting in your linen cupboard unused for a couple of years, it's time to put them to work. Before you go shopping for your next set of cleaning cloths, why not use the ones you have? 

Even if your towels are beautiful and good condition, if you are not using them as towels, why not give yourself the pleasure of turning them into beautiful cleaning cloths? (It's pretty tough to get much pleasure out of cleaning so you might as well get some joy out of beautiful cloths!) You got this! Go right ahead. Get out your scissors and cut em up.  

If you can't bring yourself to chop up your towels, how about giving them to your favourite furry friend? Old bathroom towels are useful to throw on your pet's fav hangout (usually your bed); they also make great pet bed inserts or pet towels to use after bathing. (And this saves your good towels being used on the dog, who everyone might love, but maybe not that much.)

If you have no use for your old towels around the house, you have a number of options to pass them on. Think first of your family and friends and anyone who may like them. There are also various shelters like Friends With Dignity, who support men, women and children displaced by domestic violence. Some op shops will take towels in good condition and animal shelters like Brightside Farm Sanctuary and Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary can always use some donated towels, and blankets.

Sheridan also run a recycling program for sheets and towels. Check our Recycle look up for who is in your area. 

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Science Notes

For towels to be given to a charity or animal shelter they have to be cleaned beforehand. Lots of bacteria and dead skin cells can reside in towels, so it is important for sanitary reasons that all towels are thoroughly washed before being donated.

As a large amount of towels will go to animals and people in need, who may be in vulnerable health conditions, it is important that the sheets are clean. 


Related Tip

Please don't buy synthetic furry microfibre towels. Everytime you wash them, they literally send thousands of microfibres into our waterways.