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How to Recycle Tools - Lawn and Garden

How to Recycle Tools - Lawn and Garden

While garden equipment is big chunky and annoying if you aren't using it, your unwanted tools are probably someone else's treasure

Selling good second hand garden equipment is very easy. Second hand mowers for instance are a godsend to people who live close to the city, have small amounts of lawn and don't need a new or powerful mower. 

If you are giving away garden equipment, think about your neighbours, local schools, elderly, child and other care facilities and hospitals. You might be surprised how readily most of these institutions will take your equipment off your hands. Local charity shops might not take them, but they may well put a sign up for you if you ask. Think also about your 

As a last resort or if unusable, your lawn or gardening equipment, such as lawnmowers, hoes, rakes, forks and wheelbarrows can be taken to your local transfer station.

Scrap metal dealers will take your metal, but bear in mind that there may be a charge. Many plant vendors at your local market will take back plant pots.

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Parts from just about all garden equipment - wood, metal, plastic, motors, rubber - can be recycled or reused. The great thing about transfer stations is that you can offload all your unwanted stuff and there is someone there to help you sort it. The station will decide what goes to be resold, what goes to recycling and what goes to landfill.

Related Tip

If you are creative, try repurposing implements into a scarecrow, hooks for other garden equipment or as garden décor. There is a whole industry turning old tools into decoration for walls, both inside and outside the house. You may even decide that your old rake makes a great hanging hook rack!

Make sure you siphon off any fuel in your mower before disposing of your lawn mower.