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How to Recycle Toasters, Irons and Food Processors

How to Recycle Toasters, Irons and Food Processors

Much of the electrical and electronic waste discarded every year is still in working order, and can be reconditioned for further use.  The commoditisation and ready availability of appliances has made them almost mentally ‘disposable’. This is fine except for the fact that small appliances like toasters, kettles, and food mixers can create major landfill issues if not disposed of correctly.

If your toaster, kettle, or food mixer is in good working order, look to sell it, give it to family or friends or donate it to a charity shop. 

Keep an eye out for programs like Big Life Switch where you can take your old electrical items to a city location and dispose of them for free.

Check the location finder here for your local drop off point.
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Science Notes
Recyclers dismantle appliances into their different material parts and process them for recycling and in some cases, for spare parts.

Recycling includes glass, plastics, precious metals and metals. 

Related Tip
Use your old stove kettles and cookware as pot plants, vases or containers for your garden shed. Don't worry if it is rusty. It will slowly break down over time, but that will take years and the rust will add to it's charm in the meantime.