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How to Recycle Bras

How to Recycle Bras

Please don't toss your old bra or swimwear in the bin if it is still in reasonable condition. Especially if it is a nursing bra or larger size bra.

Groups like Uplift Bras (who are the main bra recyclers in Australia) will take your old bra and give it to a woman in a disadvantaged community.  

Many of the communities Uplift Bras support are outside Australia, in the Asia Pacific region and often for these women, a bra is either not available or simply too expensive.

If your bra has never been worn, your local Op Shop may also take it for resale.

So, please don't toss your bra. There is someone, somewhere in the world, literally hanging out for it! 

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Science Notes

While companies like The Very Good Bra are starting to sell compostable bras, most bras are still made from plastics and metals. Bras and swimwear are typically made of several different kinds of materials, including cottons, laces, wire, plastics and all manner of synthetics. They really aren't an option to recycle so that is why repurposing or passing them on to someone in need is incredibly important.

Tempting as it is to have myriads of beautiful bras, try to limit the number you purchase. 

Related Tip

If you are donating to Uplift Bras, when dropping off bras at a private address, simply leave the bras in a bag or box on the doorstep at any time. Please do not pack more than 10kg/100 bras in a bag, it gets too heavy.