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Ditch plastic Toothbrushes & Razors too this Plastic Free July

Ditch plastic Toothbrushes & Razors too this Plastic Free July

As an environmentalist, Biome's founder Tracey Bailey, encourages Australians to make a lifelong commitment to reducing plastic waste by eliminating the use of other plastic disposable products and replacing them with environmentally friendly alternatives this Plastic Free July.

Recent plastic free initiatives including the plastic bag ban have set a precedent for Australians intensifying the awareness for immediate change to plastic use and disposal.

Tracey Bailey of Biome Eco Stores, said it is now a great time for Australians to assess other areas of their lives where disposable plastic is used. “Plastic Free July’s Top 4 challenge encouraging people to stop using single use plastic water bottles, bags, straws and coffee cups is a great place to start, but there are many other areas in our lives where we can reduce the use of disposable plastic.

And this includes in our kitchens and bathrooms,” she said. “Australians use and dispose of over 30 million plastic toothbrushes every year totalling approximately 900 tonnes of waste. That’s approximately 180 per cent of the total waste of the 3.92 billion plastic bags Australians send to landfill each year. Bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent, cheap and readily accessible alternative.

Additionally, most plastic disposable razors made from a hard-to-recycle plastic end up in landfill. These disposable plastic products can easily be replaced with reusable or compostable alternatives such as a stainless-steel safety razor like these shown.

Disposable plastic kitchen products including food packaged in single use bags, cling wrap and synthetic dish cloths can also be replaced with environmentally friendly reusable alternatives like beeswax wraps, recycled cloths, bags - all of which you can find at Biome Eco Stores.

Images: Unsplash - Simon Shim | Biome Stores

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