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Are you ready for flat-pack recycled-plastic wine bottles?

Are you ready for flat-pack recycled-plastic wine bottles?

Garçon Wines packaging is a feat of eco design engineering. It is beautiful and designed to contain wine, but that's not the eco bit

This wine packaging is 100% recycled PET plastic, which, in light of the sorry state of plastic flooding the planet, is probably a better reason even than a love of wine, to use them. The bottles are also flat and as such, more bottles stack on a pallet, thereby reducing transport costs and emissions. 

The wine bottle shape is also designed to easily slip through a door letter opening, but god knows why you would get one single bottle delivered. While that sounds like PR got carried away on the pitch mind map and the idea somehow stuck, the concept of something that thin, and which still holds the same content give you an indication of just how inefficient the current bottles are. 

Garçon Wines announced this time last year that they were on their way to Australia and didn't quite make it, but this week Food Navigator heralded their arrival once again and maybe they are finally coming. 

Marketing the idea of wine in plastic

Garçon Wines makes extensive claims about the eco-ness of their packaging, most focused on the points already made above. How long the product lasts in the bottle and how well it ages isn't out remit, beyond the fact that it sounds like the wines put in these bottles is generally short life.

One reason Australia is apparently an excellent target market is because of our love of casks and screw tops, coupled with being one of the biggest wine drinkers per capita on the planet. I am guessing their arrival is pending a winemaker or two getting behind them and taking the marketing risk. 

Fully recyclable lid, bottle and label

There is no denying that if a product easier to recycle, and it's much more likely to get recycled. In this case, all its components can pass through the same recycling stream as the packaging has a plastic screw cap and plastic labels.

And it is recycled PET

The flat wine bottles are made of pre-existing plastic, 100% post-consumer recycled PET, so if you do elect to purchase them, you are helping to hoover up our billions of tons of single use plastic. Cheers to that!

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