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5 Easy Tips for Travelers

5 Easy Tips for Travelers

5 simple tips to be a top eco traveller and have a more rewarding trip

Whether you are travelling for work or to unwind or experience new cultures, there are heaps of eco travel options around. Here are 5 energy saving tips that will ensure you make enjoy your holiday as much as usual and be a little more environmentally sensitive at the same time.

Less Destinations - Offset your carbon

Depending upon how you calculate it and who you are arguing with, air travel generates between 2.5% and 8% of emissions worldwide, and is most likely to be the most energy consuming and polluting part of your holiday.

For people who live on an islands like Australia, international travel generally requires airplane flights and that means a pile of emissions before you even start your holiday.

One way you can reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing unnecessary air travel by choosing to stay longer in a destination. Instead of racing from one destination to the next, explore local areas in more depth, learn and see more instead of making many short and tiring flights. You will end up saving money and having a far better experience of each destination.

Stay Privately or Sustainably

There are plenty of sustainable accommodation options around the world. From sustainable luxury hotels and ecotourism operators to all kinds of fabulous private accommodation, allowing you to stay in some stunning natural places in any corner of the globe. There are so many readily available options, it's really just a matter of doing some homework and you'll easily find somewhere glorious to suit your budget - and that's eco friendly in the context of your trip.

Don't steal the shampoo

While it is increasingly rare, and even illegal in some places, to find those itsy bitsy little shampoos, soaps and skin lotions, please ignore them and use your own. The days of a huge chunk of plastic carrying a small bit of soap are hopefully gone. Whatever you do, please don't steal them.

Switch Off Before Leaving

Just like your own home, switch off lights and appliances in your holiday accommodation! Playing fast and loose with energy just because you aren't paying for it, is still wasteful.

Choose Better Ways to get Around

While in your travel destination, choosing sustainable ways to get around usually means catching public transport or walking. It's some irony that we travel to places to really experience local life, but don't get around locals much. Even if you are on business, take local public transport, walk to your destination to really take in the surrounding sights, or even hire a bike and experience your destination by pedal power. 

With a few small changes, you can feel good about your sustainable travel choices, and discover a new and more exciting way to travel!

Image: Sidarta/Shutterstock
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