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Worldclass Recycled Airplanes

Worldclass Recycled Airplanes

What kind of person looks at an airplane and thinks, " I can make a table out of that "... 

Two brothers, who's Mum & Dad must be awfully proud, that's who! My absolute favourite designers on the planet are the guys at PLANE in the UK.

Arm chairs and entire bars made from aircraft cowlings, tables made from Boeing wheels & Emergency Exit doors and Drinks Cabinets made from Cluster Bombs. Priced at more thousands of pounds than you really want to know, these pieces are the poster children for Upcyclers everywhere.

As luxury pieces, gloriously designed and made, they are outstanding examples of just how sophisticated upcycling can be. The two brothers who make these pieces, are the children of a farmer, who taught them that everything could be repurposed, never to discard, and to be resourceful.

And here they are. Making the most beautiful pieces of furniture out of the metals and fabrics of planes and bombs. Respecting their history, provenance and stories. 

This bomb drinks cabinet is over 8 feet tall, weighs more than 150 kg and is pure detail to the last rivet.  And then there are the Cowling candle holders and pen holders and Fuselage boardroom and side tables - and phone holders.

It is seriously incredible what can be made out of a plane when you have a designer's eye. And it's unique by default. Which makes it the marketing business model of the  year - if you don't order when you see it, well it's literally gone as everything is a one of.

What is important about Plane and their $20,000+ furniture is that the luxury end of town is into Upcycled design. And where luxury goes, us peasants follow.

Images: Plane Industries


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