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Use Aloe Vera to Heal your Skin

Use Aloe Vera to Heal your Skin

Aloe vera is the most wonderful plant for your skin. Best of all, it's readily available in plant form and easy to use. Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that work to reduce inflammation and itchiness as well as boost healing. Aloe vera also contains a specific type of plant hormone that encourages collagen production in the skin

  •  Apply a dollop of aloe vera gel (cut directly from the plant if possible) to cuts or minor wounds to aid in the recovery process. 
  • Apply fresh aloe vera gel to areas affected by psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. 
  • Smooth fresh aloe vera gel over dry, irritated skin.
  • Use fresh aloe vera gel as a topical acne treatment, smoothing the gel over the affected areas.
  • Apply fresh aloe vera gel over sunburn to reduce pain and boost the healing process.

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Science Notes

Found in dry climates including Africa and India, the aloe vera plant has long been used as a topical first aid treatment. The most valuable part of the aloe vera plant is the juicy, slimy gel that can be found when you cut a sprig of aloe vera in half. This gel encompasses a multitude of beneficial ingredients such as lectins, mannans, polysaccharides and anthraquinones that aid and support the healing process.

Related Tip

Aloe vera plants are great to have in your garden or as a household plant. The beauty of having an aloe vera plant is that you can use the plant, either in your skin care or health regime, whenever you want and you know that it will be fresh.>