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Take the Costume Challenge

Take the Costume Challenge

Take the costume challenge! Repurpose day-to-day items and materials to make your costume for Halloween or a dress up party. 

Empty toilet paper rolls joined side-by-side can be made into a Judge's headdress, wire and string can be made into fairy wings, two plastic bottles tied side-by-side can be made into a jet-pack, and old socks can be made into octopus legs for a baby's costume.

Ask your family, friends and neighbours if they have any bits and pieces you can use. Alternatively, look in op shops and second hand stores to see if you can find anything for your DIY costume.

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Science Notes

By repurposing you are reducing the amount of waste you are sending to landfill.

Repurposing is the act of bringing new life and new uses into an old object. Repurposing has several benefits, including: reducing our global waste, decreasing the amount we buy and showing your creative style.

Related Tip

Plan your costume in advance so you can start collecting household items. If you need several toilet paper rolls for example, they will need to be used and collected.>