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Sustainable Traders 6 July 2022

Sustainable Traders 6 July 2022

Emma Lewisham | Little Sky | nu-tility | Marnie Hawson | Aloe Vera of Australia | Rawlicious Delicious | The Honey Thief | Hodyl & Co | Fancy Films

Emma Lewisham

Emma Lewisham is New Zealand-based company providing  a luxury, science-led natural skincare line backed by the highest calibre of green science and innovation in the industry. They are proud to be a B-Corp Certified business. All of their products are refillable and they go further by taking ownership of everything they produce, taking back all of their used packaging globally, to ensure it is reused or is recycled through their ‘Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle’ partnership. As part of their commitment to creating a positive impact, Emma Lewisham is Climate Positive certified at a product level, meaning that after reducing their carbon emissions as much as possible, they then offset more than what remains in order to not just neutralise our impact - but create a positive one.

Little Sky

Little Sky was started with a passion for better gelato (splendid, natural gelato!) free from artificial colours and flavourings, to be shared with friends and family. Little Sky wanted to create a Bayside business that was in partnership with their suppliers as they think it’s important to know where all their ingredients came from. Being environmentally responsible is also a priority in running their business. As a B-Corp Certified company, Little Sky minimises waste by reusing, recycling or composting, and making choices that will have the least impact on the environment. Little Sky only uses 100% green power.


nu-tility is an integrated energy utility. As the first full service energy company certified as a B-Corp in Australia, nu-tility use the highest quality products to create environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions. Our nationwide capability facilitates bespoke projects of all types and sizes; saving time, money and minimising over all energy consumption with commercially focused solutions.    

Marnie Hawson

Marnie Hawson is an Australian photographer whose clients work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is broadly broken up into two categories: sustainable architecture, and any other project that directly aligns to the SDGs. Proudly B Corp certified, and a member of 1% For the Planet and Carbon Neutral.

Aloe Vera of Australia

Aloe Vera of Australia is a manufacturer of the highest quality Aloe Vera products, using only fresh (never frozen, freeze-dried, or reconstituted from powder), Aloe leaves sustainably-grown in the countryside of Australia. Only the outer leaves are removed so the plant can continue to grow. Aloe Vera of Australia is 100% Australian owned business. Their products are 100% grown, manufactured & bottled in Australia.

Rawlicious Delicious

Rawlicious Delicious offers handmade raw vegan indulgent healthy treats and natural fresh food. They wholesale their products to shops and cafes, cater events and have occasional pop up stores. All their food is free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy, and is made from whole foods ingredients. No artificial additives and preservatives are used. 

The Honey Thief

The Honey Thief is focused on sustainable beekeeping practices. They set-up their hives in permanent locations to allow the bees to forage on a wide variety of plants and flowers. Their collection and extraction process takes place in the farm and they do not use any medications and chemicals in their hives. The honey extracted is course filtered and unheated to maintain its nutrients and to keep the enzymes intact.

Hodyl & Co

Hodyl & Co is a research and urban design company focused on creating cities people love. They do this by integrating creative and strategic thinking to resolve urban policy and development challenges, by leading evidence-based research, and through fearless advocacy for a better urban future. A certified B Corporation, Hodyl & Co provides expertise in urban design, strategic planning and social research to deliver their clients evidence-based and design-led solutions to their complex urban challenges. Hodyl & Co is also a certified carbon neutral organisation contributing to a sustainable environment through the purchase of 100% renewable energy, sustainable travel options and carbon offsets. 

Fancy Films

Fancy Films are producers of meaningful creative content and short form documentary stories for social impact and strategic engagement. They specialise in working with corporate, government, public sector and not for profit organisations, creating value by helping their clients to communicate their purpose.
Founder Keryn Nossal is renowned for her creative and collaborative approach, passion for social justice and commitment to inclusivity. Keryn has built her business producing high-end, branded content that engages audiences and drives change.

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