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Save Energy with Your Washing Machine

Save Energy with Your Washing Machine

Each household will use their washing machine, with a full load, around 150 times each year on average. Some families will wash every day and singles every week

Here are some easy tips to help you reduce your energy consumption and save water at the same time.

  1. When buying a machine, check the Energy Rating Label.  The higher the number of stars, the more efficient the washer.
  2. Wash only full loads of washing, even if your machine has adjustable settings
  3. Only wash clothes and other items when they are dirty. 
  4. Use cold water instead of hot water. Nearly 85% of energy used for laundry comes from heating the water. 
  5. Clean the filter before every load, a blocked filter will mean using more electricity
  6. Think about and reset the temperature before each load. 


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Science Notes

The Energy Rating Level Scheme is mandatory for washing machines and clothes dryers. The label informs you of the product’s comparative energy efficiency and the estimated energy consumption.

The Energy Rating website is excellent. It will give you the comparative ratings of all machines and you can calculate the cost of using a machine over as many years as you like. Visit

Related Tip

Front loaders are preferable to top loaders as they are more gentle on clothes, use less detergent, and use more than half the amount of water and they can usually be easily stacked under a dryer.  Around 25% of Australian homes have front loaders.

Front loaders are slightly more expensive than top loaders however and you do have to bend down to get your clothes out.