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Medical Sharps (Needles) - Disposal

Medical Sharps (Needles) - Disposal

Medical sharps need to be disposed of safely and responsibly for the safety of households, garbage handlers, and the environment. You cannot throw medical sharps in your rubbish bin.

A number of companies provide specialist residential sharps disposal bins for this purpose. These are available for private purchase – collection and replacement are included in the service. Talk to your local pharmacy or GP for advice on the location or acquisition of your nearest sharps disposal bin or service.

Public hospitals are required to provide a community sharps disposal service to the public. This is free. Often your local doctor will take your medical sharps as well.  Safe Sharps is an online service which informs you of your nearest medical sharp disposal location

Local councils will generally have disposal locations and details of how to correctly dispose of your medical sharps. 

Many public restrooms have a sharps disposal bin. The Roads and Traffic Authority in NSW provides disposal facilities at roadside rest stops.
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Science Notes
The safe disposal of sharps means they are never thrown away in the rubbish or recycling.

Needle stick injury is an enormous risk and whether a needle is infected or not, significant personal injury and emotional stress can result.

Related Tip
Some community health centres provide sharps disposal facilities and increasingly there are disposal boxes around our streets like this one in Liverpool, Sydney.