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How to Recycle Tin Cans

How to Recycle Tin Cans

Tin cans are a packaging choice for many pre-made foods, such as fish, tomatoes, soups, and vegetables.

Tins cans are recyclable and should be placed in your council recycling bin.

Empty and wash your tin cans before recycling.  Don’t put them in boxes etc. – the sorting process will be faster if they are loose.

Australian city councils will generally ask you to place steel lids in steel cans; aluminium lids in aluminium cans. Don't place tins and steel cans in boxes as this will slow down the recycling process.
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Science Notes
Most metals under-go a three step recycling process: collection, sorting, and melting. The pure liquid metal is then poured into moulds to become a new metal product. The aluminium from a coke can complete the three step process and be back on the shelf in as little as 60 days.
Recycling of steel uses a mere fraction of the resources and energy it takes to extract and make a new steel product. 

Related Tip
Tin cans can be repurposed into many wonderful and very useful household items, such as pen holders, planters, flower vases or lanterns with tea light candles.