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How to Recycle School Uniforms and Books

How to Recycle School Uniforms and Books

There is an incredible number of groups on social media who trade school uniforms and for the most hassle free way of moving on your uniforms and books (and potentially getting next year's in return), put a shout out on facebook first.

Most schools, (often run by parents like this ed), have a Uniform and Book group where parents swap, sell and give away uniforms and books.

Most school uniform shops also carry secondhand clothes, but if you are selling through them, you will need to make sure they are clean or dry cleaned, depending on the item. 

There are also many commercial specialist uniform traders like The Uniform Exchange who trade in school uniforms and books.

Please don't toss school uniforms into landfill. Apart from the environmental consequences, there is always a child somewhere who will appreciate another's hand me downs. 

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Science Notes

Thousands of pieces of clothing and books end up in landfill every day, including school uniforms and text books.

Given the variable fortunes of school parents and the endless options for recycling school gear, there is no real reason for tossing anything that another child could use. Check out your school, this website and your school friends for options.

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