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How to Recycle Cots, Change Tables, and Rocking Chairs

How to Recycle Cots, Change Tables, and Rocking Chairs

How To Recycle Cots, Change Tables, and Rocking Chairs

The good thing about the majority of baby things is that there is usually always someone else in your circle of friends and family who is having a baby and potentially in need of items. 

Preparing to have a baby can be an incredibly stressful (and expensive) time, so most expecting couples are more than happy for any kind of donation. And there is always something sentimentally lovely about having someone you know's cot, rocker or clothes. So if you have spare, ask around your social group, neighbourhood and work if anyone is expecting and would like your baby furniture. 

If not, the furniture items can be repurposed, or donated to an op shop. Cots can easily be repurposed into day beds, small tables, organisational racks and so on!

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Science Notes

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are around 307,000 babies born each year in Australia.

That is a lot of expecting couples that are buying things to prepare for their incoming little one.

It is a safe bet to say that with so many expecting parents, someone would be grateful for anything you have that is no longer used. 


Related Tip

Plan the nursery furniture you buy for it's own future. Many cots are designed to turn into chairs or day beds.

Rockers can be purchased as part of your lounge furniture for later. Change tables can turn into desks.