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Healthy Food Options for Kids

Healthy Food Options for Kids

The trick with children is to start how you intend to finish.

If you serve your children healthy, balanced food from a young age, the habit will stick with them for a lifetime and better still, you give your child the best support in the brain and health forming years. 

  • A balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and essential fatty acids to provide energy for concentration for the whole day.
  • Ensure your child has access to fresh, clean water and plenty of it. (Out of a tap, never out of a plastic bottle
  • Add a serving of vegetables such as carrots and celery for morning and afternoon tea. 
  • Include a form of dairy including milk, yogurt or cheese.
  • Aim for two serves of fruit that can be cut into shapes or included whole.
  • For lunch, ensure that your child has access to lean meat or protein. Sushi is a great option for kids lunch boxes.
  • Choose from wholegrain, multigrain rye or rice cakes for carbs.

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The thing about children is that they need to consume healthy and nutritious meals to help them grow and flourish.

Importantly, healthy lunchboxes will also help your child to concentrate in the classroom and absorb as much as possible. For this reason, avoid potato chips, biscuits, pies and sausage rolls that can often be found in school canteens and in supermarkets.

Where possible, ensure your child has a nutritious diet and save junk food as a treat rather than an everyday staple. (This point is valid, even if the food is organic. It may be organic, but it's just organic junk.)

Related Tip
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a child. With good quality food in their stomach, little brains are fed and ready to learn.