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Future of Food Kitchen

Future of Food Kitchen

Electrolux have just released a future kitchen concept called GRO. It's designed to help people eat more sustainably, with a high level of awareness

The GRO kitchen concept is very interesting -  aimed at reinventing the kitchen and enabling people to enjoy food in a way that’s sustainable for both health and the planet. It is essentially a collection of modular solutions powered by advanced sensors and AI, based on behavioral science and the planetary health diet from the EATLancet report.

Driven by the fact that how we eat, cook, and shop needs to be transformed to sustain our planet, Electrolux say that by challenging conventional thinking of what a kitchen is needs to change. Rethinking everything from the start – aiming to help change behaviors by making planet-friendly eating effortless and enjoyable through groundbreaking design, every design decision and product feature within the GRO kitchen has is built on data and behavioral science.

The designers have explored how kitchen products can contribute to eating more sustainably. They have turned to chefs, early adopters and thousands of consumers, as well as the EAT-Lancet report, to design a kitchen that supports people’s personal needs and to move towards a more sustainable diet.

With this focus in mind, Electrolux created the “jewelry box,” a storage solution within the GRO kitchen system, nudging people to eat less but better meat and explore new and diverse sources of protein.

There is also a global trend in the plant-forward world of reinventing new dishes by mixing techniques and flavors to enhance the taste experience. Specific techniques previously used to prepare meat dishes are now part of the plant-forward world. GRO’s “nordic smoker” enables people to smoke their ingredients at home, inspiring them to combine different flavors.

The concept's digital platform will help to visualize the user’s eating habits and planetary impact, providing personal goal setting, guidance, and progress measurement over time.

For example, tips on recipes, local produce and sustainable ingredients based on personalized taste, nutritional needs and what is in the fridge, is also a service that GRO can provide. 

What is the EAT-Lancet Report?

Eat-Lancet Report is the first full scientific review of what constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system, and which actions can support and speed up food system transformation. The report was prepared by EAT and is an adapted summary of the Commission Food in The Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems. The entire Commission can be found online at The Lancet

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