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Fresh Traders this week 14 January, 2019

Fresh Traders this week 14 January, 2019

Eight Hour Studio | myz the label | Bondi Kiss | Haasch | My Organic Child | Harris Organic Wines | Farm To Hanger | Bare Vida | Desert Shadow | Plastic Free Alternatives | Free. Soins Du Corps | Myrtle & Me

Eight Hour Studio

Eight Hour Studio creates a range of organic cotton luxury chill wear that is beautiful and elegant enough to be worn as loungewear, holiday wear, beachwear and sleepwear.

Inspired by the gorgeous fabrics and hand block prints we discovered on our travels to India, our garments are uniquele designed and created from high quality, silky soft organic cotton, fair trade labour practices and slow fashion ethics. 

Launched in early 2015, Eight Hour Studio was born out of a love for traditional Indian woodblock printing methods and the desire to create an enterprise that was local yet global, socially responsible and environmentally aware.

myz the label

myz is an Australian children's label creating hats with functional and considered design, made from natural and breathable fibres.

We are as eco friendly as possible, using only cottons and linens which are biodegradable. We re-use and/or recycle every single bit of paper, fabric and soft plastic that comes into our hands.

myz is proudly a 100% Australian owned and made business. All myz hats are handmade in Melbourne with a huge amount of love!

Bondi Kiss

Bondi Kiss is bringing new life to the age old favourite, paw paw ointment. It starts with real, organic papaya fruit. No powered forms here. Papaya in its purest form is full of vitamins and minerals. This is why it is great to put on any irritations, infections or, of course, dried chapped lips. 

Let us introduce organic Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the soother in the group. Its distinct antioxidant properties will do the repairing of the damaged cells and nurture and heal them back to full strength.

Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising properties. It's unique natural fatty acid composition work wonders in the beauty benefit department.

Finally, the hero – SPF15+! Growing up through the sizzling hot Bondi Beach summers, SPF the founding ingredient in any sunscreen quickly becomes your best friend. It is very easy sometimes to forget to protect your lips from the harsh affects of too much exposure to the sun which is why the added ingredient of SPF has become the crucial final touch in bringing together the world’s best lip balm product.


Supabrella by Haasch is an eco-umbrella made from bamboo and biodegradable fabric. Both the canopy and the wooden tip ends of the umbrella can be replaced at the end of their life. Each segment of the umbrella is carefully made by a different team of skilled artisans in Thailand.

Our company name Haasch, was created by merging the surname de Haas and Schutt. We are a family business that operates as Haasch Pty Ltd in Australia and Haasch UK Ltd in the United Kingdom. 

We work as a team between London and Brisbane to bring our sustainable products to a diverse group of like-minded people around the globe. Our aspirations are to help ensure attitudes and thinking processes change as a disposable society towards consideration for planet and human health.

My Organic Child

My Organic Child is an online directory for modern mums who are passionate about organic style, natural parenting and conscious living.

Our hub connects parents with the very best organic and eco brands, particularly ones that are hard to find.

Harris Organic Wines

Harris Organic Wines’ vision is to produce healthy, chemical free, organic wines that are good for you and the environment. In order to do this, our certified organic vineyard is fed with composted chicken manure and wood chips, instead of chemical fertilisers. 

Our organic wines are not generally fined or filtered, with no animal additives. We are able to produce the only medal winning certified organic fortified port wine (ports) in Australia as we are self sufficient in brandy spirit production made from our own organic grapes.

Farm To Hanger

Farm to Hanger offers sustainably-made clothing for men and women using 100% locally grown raw materials, produced in a 100% Greenpowered manufacturing facility.

When you shop Farm to Hanger, you’re not only getting quality clothing that reduces environmental impact and waste, you’re getting a traceable, transparent supply chain that supports local communities, farmers and families. Our mission is to produce beatiful garments with zero harm, zero waste and zero emissions, thus lowering the global effect the fashion industry is having on the planet.

Farm to Hanger is proud to be a 100% Australian Made and Australian Owned ethical business certified by ECA.

Bare Vida

We offer premium reusable things, that are handmade with love in Bali. Because we believe there is too much plastic in the world and we want to help protect our planet. 

Bare Vida works with local workers and local businesses, practising fair trade and implementing a zero-waste policy.

At Bare Vida, we strive to reduce garment waste and minimise our impact to our environment by using as many recycled materials as possible.

Desert Shadow

We offer 100% Certified organic hair colours and treatments. To date we are the first and only to have certification with NASAA & USDA here in Australia which makes us very proud.

When people take the step and decide to go LOW TOX or NATURAL the last thing to change or be removed from the beauty regimen is ALWAYS the hair colour. Regular commercial colours are saturated with nasties and then whitewashed with natural and organic labels. This is dishonest and without the knowledge it is hard for consumers to know who is real and who is not.

In 2008, Desert Shadow was born from the vision of having genuine Certified Organic hair colours & treatments that don't contain any of the usual toxic chemicals found in your regular colours from the salon or off the shelf.

Plastic Free Alternatives

Our products are founded on the idea that everything we use daily – things like toothbrushes, lunch boxes and food covers - should do no harm to the planet or our bodies. 

These must be made from renewable sources and be reusable with a long life or be compostable so that we are not adding to the pollution of our planet. Plastic Free Alternatives is a family business. Having young children and feeling concerned about the health of our planet, we felt compelled to be the change we want to see and to promote this to help others make the change too. 

We believe that if every person takes small positive steps together we can have a BIG impact on healing the current pollution problems and preventing further problems. 

Free. Soins Du Corps

Free. Soins Du Corps makes high quality body care products that doesn’t cost the Earth. Our range includes shampoo bar, body balm, lip balm, body oil, exfoliating gel and more. All our products are waste free, handmade and natural. 

Is what you shop reflect what you believe in? We propose you to make it right, here, now. Together, let’s be the change.

Myrtle & Me

Myrtle & Me jewellery designs are created from my original Tasmanian photography. The pieces are handmade by myself, Jocelyn Parry-Jones and husband, Michael Kennedy. 

We use recycled silver and sustainably sourced bamboo in as many pieces as possible. The packaging is all made from recycled card and the cellophane around the greeting cards is biodegradable.

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