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Shop your values.
If it's not ekko scored, it's not valued.


Your better choices benefit everyone

Independent & transparent

ekko score is created when all the declared eco credentials of a product are passed through an algorithm. ekko score is independent of any sponsor, product or business group and does not do any affiliate sales or promotions.

Good decisions have double impact

Every values driven eco choice is one less bad product in the market and that’s double the love. A simple combined ekko score gives us the chance together, to connect millions of consumers to millions more sustainable decisions.

Balance your values

ekko score allows everyone to shop their own values by looking at the individual make up of each product score. You can see how a product scores in each of 10 Environmental and Societal factors.

How it works

130 certifications & other data

The eco credentials of all existing consumer products that have been verified and claimed.
Algorithm weights each product using machine learning, AI and expert consultation against available certifications, governed by UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Energy, utility and building
  • Organic - chemical free
  • Re-cycle re-market
  • Conservation and environment
  • Packaging
  • Place of origin
  • Artisan
  • Multi sector and full cyle
  • No exploitation
  • Sharing and enabling

1 ekko score

An aggregated score from the 10 eco standards. Clear, simple and available on any product, on or offline.

Behind the numbers

There is no perfect 100

The higher the score, the more eco certifications a product has. Because it’s impossible to create a product without having an impact on the environment, it’s impossible to get a perfect 100. That’s why our ‘perfect’ focuses on transparency.

Traffic light system

A score above 50 classifies as eco green for go; between 20 - 49 as orange, worth considering; red is under 20. Overall product scores are derived from individual certifications, aligned to each of 10 standards so please check how a score was achieved and honour your values.

Choose what’s good for you

Because no two people are the same, different certifications are important to different people. Choose what works for you. Every eco product is better than any non-eco product, even if it’s not perfect.