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Cucumber Cleaning Power

Cucumber Cleaning Power

If you haven't discovered the cleaning powers of a cucumber, you are in for a real treat

Cucumber isn't a broad application cleaner, but it does clean the most incredible things. Here are a few: 

Crayons and ink on walls: Rub with cucumber skin and it will take the mark off the wall. 

Defogging mirrors: Rub a couple of slices on the mirror to defog it. Make sure you clean in off.

Polish your shoes: For a light clean and a good shine, wipe cucumber slices on your shoes.

Cleaning stainless steel: Taps, sinks, stainless steel fridges and dishwashers can be wiped as normal, then rubbed with sliced cucumber to bring back an even shine. Make sure you polish after wiping and it won't streak.

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Science Notes

Cucumbers are mostly water, but contain high levels of silicon and sulphur, with potassium in the seeds.

Related Tip

Cucumbers are reputed to ward off hangovers. Before going to bed, if you believe you are at risk of waking up with a hangover, drink some water and eat a few slices of cucumber if you want to wake up without a headache.>