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Composting Revolutions

Composting Revolutions

Compost is absolutely the most beautiful thing you will ever make out of rubbish

(And if you have ever looked for a decent pic of a rooting apple, old food and worms, you will appreciate this pic by Jono Searle. It is literally the first, only, ever pic of composting food that I have ever seen that is vaguely attractive. Maybe I have just been editing mouldy food pics too long.)

Just as there is a revolution going on in mouldy food photography, there is too in food. Food scraps are the latest 'That's not rubbish' and everyone is interested.

And here is just a few we have discovered.

  • Councils - who want it out of landfill. 
  • Neighbourhood collaborator apps like Sharewaste - who want you to give your scraps to a neighbour with a compost bin. 
  • Rubbish Commercialisers - who collect scraps from homes, cafes and restaurants like Mallow Sustainability.  
  • Feed the Hungry - who want leftover food to feed homeless and short changed.
  • Compost Bin sellers like The Compost Revolution who frankly would love to see a compost bin in the back yard or bokashi bin on every benchtop in the country and are so committed to it that they will sell you one at a discounted price.
  • The Smart Cara - a benchtop machine that will dehydrate most scraps, including meat and turn them into fertilizer.

Do you know of other initiatives collecting or redistributing food waste and leftovers? Please let us know and we'll promote them. 

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If you have clothes that are both unwanted and unwearable, repurpose them. Cut off the buttons, buckles and straps to use elsewhere and cut the fabric into material strips to be turned into rags to use as part of your home cleaning regime. 

There are also many many facebook groups where you can give away or sell unwanted clothes.