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Clean Your Microwave Like Magic

Clean Your Microwave Like Magic

In a microwave safe bowl, thoroughly mix together:

½ cup of White Vinegar

½ cup of water

  1. Bring the cleaning solution to a rolling boil in the microwave; typically 10-15 minutes on high heat
  2. Allow the microwave to remain closed for an additional 3-5 minutes

When done, you’ll find that the caked-on food will be easy to simply wipe clean with any kitchen cloth.

You will also find that lingering odours will no longer be a concern.

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Science Notes
The combination of water and vinegar heated to produce steam will easily steam all of the food off the surface of your microwave. The acetic acid contained in the vinegar will sanitize and also deodorize your microwave.

Chemical cleaners used on the surface of your microwave can find their way into the foods that you are preparing. Vinegar and steam sanitize without compromising on your health.

Fewer chemical cleaners used in your home results in fewer chemicals finding their way into the water system, and also a decrease in plastic containers and chemicals in landfills.

Related Tip
Use rubber gloves and a cloth when handling the container of cleaning solution as it will be intensely hot.